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Oct 2

Why thermal heat to get rid of bedbugs

Thermal Home Page Slider 3A bed bug infestation may be one of the most difficult pest infestations to eliminate simply because bed bugs are prolific insects that secrete themselves into incredibly tiny crevices and have developed a strong resistance to pesticides.

Although these blood-sucking parasites have been plaguing humans for thousands of years, a bedbug removal method that completely and safely exterminates an infestation with one treatment has been an elusive one–until now.

Our service provides this type of state-of-the-art, non-toxic bedbug heat treatment that eradicates bed bug infestations without homeowners needing to wash everything or turn their homes upside down to eliminate these biting pests. Instead of your home being sprayed with chemicals that may irritate skin or cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, we simply apply natural heat to infested areas until all bed bugs are dead. They cannot hide from thermal heat the way they can hide from pesticides because the heat we use penetrates even the tiniest cracks and hiding spaces throughout your home.

In addition, our special bed bug heat treatment removal method means you do not have to leave your home for any length of time–other than the few hours it takes to kill all bed bugs larvae and eggs. Fast, safe and extremely effective, heat treatments for bed bug infestations are the newest–and best–method for eradicating a bed bug problem.