Thermal Bedbug Heat in the Tri-state Area


Fast and effective bed bug heat treatment services in New York, NY

Bed bugs are a problem for many residents and businesses in the Tri-state New York and New Jersey area. The small insects infect furniture, get into the walls, and easily travel from one location to the next without giving any indication that they are present until much later. Due to the problems that these insects present, extensive research has been conducted to find effective solutions. At Thermal Bedbug Heat, our specialists have designed a revolutionary bed bug heat treatment that thoroughly eliminates these unwanted pests from your home or office.

Years of Experience

With more than 23 years of experience in the pest control industry, we can help residents in the Tri-state area overcome the most obnoxious and elusive insects using efficient bed bug treatments. While we specialize in bed bug removal, we have worked in pest control for many years and are capable of finding the most effective solution based on the particular pests that are infesting a home, office, school or medical facility.

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How the System Works

After 23 years of working in the pest control industry, our bed bug exterminators in the tri-state area realized that bed bugs remained elusive and difficult to kill. Unlike other pests, it was hard to guarantee that bed bugs would not return to a building because the pest control measures might not have reached the insects.

Due to that resistance, we researched and developed new ways to fight against these bothersome pests. During out research, we discovered an unexpected and pleasant surprise: bedbugs cannot survive if the temperature exceeds 123 degrees Fahrenheit. This crucial piece of information helped us develop an effective bed bug heat treatment that works in most buildings. Now, our bed bug company can guarantee that customers in New York and New Jersey will no longer be bitten or bothered by bed bugs that creep into couches, beds, or even the walls.

Our thermal bed bug heat treatment works by increasing the temperature of the space until it exceeds the 123 degree limit by a wide margin. The heat remains on for an extended period of time until there is no possibility of bed bugs staying hidden and alive. Our results have shown that the system works, providing complete bed bug removal that has gained in popularity among hospitals, schools, office buildings, apartment complexes and private residences.

Why Choose Us

Benefits of the System

Through extensive research, our bed bug company has discovered a way to eliminate bed bugs from a building without taking unnecessary risks. Due to our heating system, we can offer several advantages over alternative pest control measures.

The benefits of our bed bug heat treatment include:

  • Eliminating all of the bed bugs in the walls and furniture
  • Reducing the risks to human health
  • Avoiding unnecessary chemical procedures
  • Reducing the amount of time required to eliminate the insects
  • Guaranteed results

The thermal heating system kills bed bugs even when they are hidden deep in a mattress or in small crevices in the walls. Our bed bug treatment in Brooklyn works by heating up the whole building to a temperature that easily kills in the insects, so it is not possible for them to hide and come back later. The bed bugs that are currently in the building will no longer bite family members, leave painful allergic reactions behind or cause general discomfort. The house will be purged of the pests, making it once again possible to enjoy a restful night of sleep.

Whether you live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, it is not necessary to put up with the annoyance of bed bugs or repeated treatments to eliminate the insects. With an effective bed bug heat treatment from Thermal Bedbug Heat, our specialists will kill the insects before they can cause more harm to residents in a home, clients in a business, or children in a school. Call today to learn more about how the system works and to get a quote for treatment in a residence or business.