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How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Differ From Steam?

Insects have been a problem for humans since the beginning of recorded history. They believed bed bugs played a role in ending Ancient Egypt’s 18th Dynasty. Today, bed bugs cause many sleepless nights and anxiety-filled days for homeowners everywhere.

One of the latest weapons used against this persistent pest is high-temperature insecticidal heat treatments. These reach lethal temperatures within minutes of exposure. But as an expert says, “bed bugs are very adaptive—and those who survive may become resistant to those temperatures.”

Why is Heat Treatment Effective?

Heat can kill bed bugs in several ways. When you have an infestation, bed bugs are already in your bedding and clothing. Heat these items to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or above, they become killing chambers—all bed bugs will die within them.

Heat also has a dehydrating effect on bed bug nymphs and adults. It leads to their death after an hour or so of complete heat exposure. Bring bed bugs into contact with heat too hot to bear, they instinctively crawl away from it. High-temperature treatments work even where furniture touch-up treatments may fail. Bed bugs crawl behind debris for protection. When bed bugs are behind large items, bed bug heat treatments force them to cross an exposed area.

The most effective bed bug heat treatment is a three-pronged attack. Effective bed bug extermination begins with dismantling the bed frame and bed box spring. Treat bedding surfaces, edges, cracks, and crevices in two adjacent walls at floor level.

What is The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Steam bed bug treatment is a common remedy. It uses no pesticides or chemicals, and bed bugs die from dehydration. Steaming provides bed bug hot treatment that penetrates deep into cracks and crevices bed bugs hide in. But it can take days to kill them with steam alone. In some cases, it may not kill all of the bed bugs or eggs present.

In contrast, bed bugs placed under a high-temperature dryer within 10 minutes find themselves at the wrong end of a furnace—and suffer a quick death as a result. Heat treatments force bed bugs out of infested furniture by exposing them directly to lethal temperatures without using any harmful pesticides or chemicals.

Bed bug heat extermination offers more bang for your heat treatment funds. These bugs do not stand a chance.

How Does Steam Treatment Work

The bed bug life cycle does not end with bed bugs. Their eggs hatch into nymphs, which take all of 13 days to reach adulthood once hatched. Hot treatment that takes less than two hours kills the entire life cycle.

Steam bed bug treatment also penetrates deep into bedding and cracks where they hide—eliminating the problem at its source. But it requires extensive damage control because bed bug heat treatments can become difficult to implement correctly on large pieces of furniture.

“When you do a steam bed bug heat treatment, you must get down crack and crevice treatments,” says an expert. “When you are missing one angle in your room, an infested bed could survive.”

Watch bed bugs retreat to the box spring as you move around the bed. Treat spaces between bed legs, bed posts, bed rails, around electrical outlets, and along walls where they may hide. Steam treatments are an effective last resort against infestations. But for complete extermination, consider using a heat treatment that works fast at every angle of attack!

Bed Bug Treatment Good for Focused Infestation?

When these bugs are living in cracks and crevices, bed bug heat treatments can work. It penetrates deep into bedding, bed frames, walls, and other infested surfaces. But bed bug hot treatment may not reach them that live inside furniture or large items. That is where hands-on inspections coupled with targeted bed bug hot treatment can help you identify problem areas. Treat them for optimal extermination results.

Heat bed bug treatment is more effective than steam—killing bed bugs faster with less effort! It penetrates deeply into bedding surfaces, cracks and crevices, and along baseboards. Bed bugs can not escape their effects on any surface. Heat bed bug treatment is 100% unfriendly to them.

While bed bugs are smarter than treatments that use steam, they lack the intelligence to escape heat bed bug treatment. Heat works fast and penetrates deep into their habitat. It kills at every angle of attack—even where bed bugs rest in cracks and crevices along baseboards.

Heat Treatment vs Steam Treatment

These bugs are crazy resistant to bed bug heat treatment when they are in bedding, bed frames, and cracks or crevices. But when bed bugs retreat to these places in search of cool spots, bed bug heat treatment also kills them there. Bed bugs have not yet evolved heat treatment resistance—and never will.

When you do heat treatment for bed bugs, the heat affects every angle of attack—even where they rest against walls or inside furniture. You can also set up an effective heating system that reaches all infested surfaces without neglecting any one area. When their only choices are extremely high temperatures or certain death, bed bug extermination jumps into hyperdrive! As the bed bug life cycle ends, they find themselves slated for extermination.

Heat Kills More Than Bugs

People often think bed bug heat treatment is 100% effective. But bed bugs can become tough to reach deep inside bed frames, mattresses, and other large pieces of furniture where they rest. These pests do not stand a chance against heat bed pest extermination—but you have to attack from every angle!

In addition to bedding, bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices along baseboards as well as around electrical outlets. When bed bug heating treatments miss one spot, the infestation will survive. That is why it takes the combination of experienced inspections and targeted bed bug hot treatment for complete extermination.

Heat is the best way to rid your home of annoying bugs. You will not need to locate their nests when you have heat everywhere. It will become like they are walking into an inferno!

Is Heat The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bug heat treatment is the most effective extermination choice you have. The bed bugs can hide in cracks along baseboards or inside furniture. But bed bug heating treatments attack them everywhere they go—even while they rest. It kills them fast and lets you move on with your life!

Bed bugs are quickly becoming one of the most common household pests! They can hide anywhere, even in small cracks and crevices within furniture or electrical outlets. It makes them difficult to kill with chemical treatments alone. Heating your home for an extended period will not keep these insects safe from becoming reanimated later on. Make sure all spots are clean before proceeding.

Heat bed bug treatment is 100% killing power! You can set up a system that works in every room of your home and kills bed bugs everywhere they lurk. Once heat bed pest extermination begins, there is no turning back!

It makes them vulnerable even when wallowing in their nests. Attack bed bugs at every angle and keep them from multiplying or living for another day. Heat bed bug treatment uses temperature to kill these pests on contact—and it does so without chemicals!

Can Bed Bugs Survive Heat Treatment?

Bed bugs heat treatment can kill them in bedding, bed frames, and other furniture. It kills them deep inside the bedding where they like to hide out during the day. Bed bugs hiding in cracks or crevices along baseboards or underneath electrical outlets are another story.

For these spots, you will need targeted bed bug hot treatment with special tools. These pests retreat to their cool areas when it is time for bed mode—and that is where bed bug heating treatments cannot reach them!

Bed bug heat treatments work through extreme heat penetration into every refuge where they may hide throughout your home. They die under the hottest temperatures the home can produce without becoming air-borne toxins themselves.

Bed bug heat treatment is effective against these insects. It can kill bed bugs hiding in bedding, bed frames, and cracks along baseboards or inside electrical outlets.

When bed bug heat treatments miss deep-down spots where bed bugs hide, you will want to focus on the entire home with targeted bed bug hot treatments. You need to reach all of them!

Need Help Removing Bed Bugs?

Bed bug heat treatment is an awesome way to kill bed bugs in bed frames! You will need bed bug heating treatments everywhere they go. That is everywhere they rest and every crack they can squeeze into. After bed bug heat treatment kills them, specialists will come in and do a check to ensure none survive.

Your home’s heating system is the best way to rid your house of bed bugs. It does not spread toxins through your home while killing them. Make sure you heat everywhere they go, even in cracks along baseboards or underneath electrical outlets where they like to hide.

Call Thermal Bed Bug Heat when you need help with bed bug heat treatment. We continue to satisfy clients throughout the Tri-State and Long Island. When you need fast bed bug extermination, we can help. Expect quick service that ensures 100% bed bug eradication.

Heat treatment is unfortunately not the first step. Although it is most vital, there are a few hoops you have to jump through before getting heat or steam therapy.

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