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Thorough heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs in NY, NJ, and CT

Since bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to detect and treat, you need the specialized services of a professional NYC bed bug exterminator to eradicate your problem once and for all. Not only can bed bugs easily spread to new locations via luggage, clothing, briefcases, and other objects, but detection of such infestations can be difficult since many people don’t have any reaction to a bed bug bite. Throw in the fact that bed bugs are millimeters in length and expert hiders, you may not even know you have a bed bug problem until the infestation spreads to dangerous levels.

Even though these pesky critters are difficult to detect and treat, Thermal Bedbug Heat has a proven bed bug removal system that guarantees thorough and successful elimination. Historically, chemical solutions have been the main method of bed bug treatment in New Jersey and New York. However, what chemicals offer in affordability, they lack ineffectiveness. Not only are chemicals potentially hazardous to the health and wellness of your family or customers, but they can also often require several return trips to ensure complete bed bug removal. As we already noted, bed bugs are expert hiders and can also scurry easily from one household location to the next, making one-treatment chemical solutions virtually impossible.

At Thermal Bedbug Heat, our effective bed bug exterminators have a better way of identifying and treating infestations. Here’s how:

  • We first bring in a trained, NESDCA-certified K-9 to detect to location of the problem. After these bed bug-sniffing dogs have completed a rigorous training and testing program, they have the ability to detect an infestation quickly and effectively. While other companies use technicians and a tedious inspection process to detect an infestation at 20 percent accuracy, our dogs can detect bed bugs within minutes and at upwards of 98 percent accuracy.
  • If an infestation is detected, we deploy a whole-house heat treatment for bed bugs that quickly and effectively kills all live adults and their eggs. No matter where they are in your home or business, there’s no escape from our method. Our system acts like a convection oven, evenly distributing heat at levels throughout your home or office facility to terminate bed bugs. No hiding spot is safe from this heat treatment method, so whether these odious insects are hiding in CD cases, books, crevices, or picture frames, our NYC bed bug exterminators can ensure complete eradication. The system is 100 percent chemical-free and safe for most furniture, clothing, personal belongings, and other items, so you won’t have to empty your closets or move belongings off-site beforehand, which saves you a lot of time and money. Our system doesn’t require the use of facility electricity or run on propane fuel, and the whole house heat treatment for bed bugs is completed. Best of all, our process is 100 percent guaranteed!

Let the professionals handle your pest problem

If you suspect that a bed bug invasion is taking place in your home or business, don’t try to solve the problem yourself or waste time with pest companies that just use chemicals. You need the fast, effective, and affordable services of the best bed bug company in New York, Thermal Bedbug Heat. We’ll locate the problem quickly and accurately, using a perfect combination of trained dogs and reliable heat treatments to completely resolve your bed bug problem in just a few hours. There are no harmful chemicals and no return visits are necessary – guaranteed!

Contact our professional bed bug exterminators today at 888-919-2037 for more information. We guarantee that our process will have you bed bug free within a day!

How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment NYC Work

Familiarize yourself with the three factors involved in seeking our bed bug heat treatment. Here they are:

Most Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs

Bed bug heat treatment is fast becoming the most effective method for eliminating these bugs and their eggs! This is as infestations from them continue to rise. Prepare to experience sound sleep again. Naturally, many homeowners are interested in bed bug heat treatment as a viable solution.

Bed bugs have been a tough fought battle! They have even developed an immunity to many chemical treatments. It is in their knowledge on how to run from you when heat treatment threatens how they live. This treatment does not leave behind harmful pesticides that could hurt them, your pets, or family members in the home.

Monitoring and Maintaining The Heat on Property

Know that bed bug heat treatment is not like controlling radon gas, for example. There are no worries about the heat not reaching places it needs to. Our company will ensure to kill your bed bugs where they live by heating your property.

We make sure bed bug colonies die at temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit or higher! Experience bed bug eradication with this heat treatment. Know the low-risk factors involved in using bed bug heat treatments. That is before you hire us to kill them and their eggs on your property. Now is the time to learn more.

You can expect the eradication of bed bugs the first night with heat treatment! Tenants will once again feel safe in their homes. These bugs will no longer plague your property. We are professional bed bug exterminators that use this process exclusively on properties throughout the tri-state area.

Property Needs to Be Evacuated

Bed bugs hide in all areas of your home or office building. You can see them on walls, floors, rough surfaces such as wood and plaster, and ceilings. Consider heat treatment when you become a victim of bed bugs and want them gone for good!

Remove all items including your pets or plants from the treated area immediately after application! Otherwise, they risk burning up due to temperature fluctuations within one minute or less! We will advise you when it is safe enough.

Not everything can withstand such high heat that we apply using equipment specifically designed for this purpose. The majority of things found inside homes usually tolerate temperatures around 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eliminating Bed Bugs Using Heat

Gain insights about our process of bed bug heat treatment in the tri-state area.

Our Process

How bed bug heat treatment works are simple, efficient, and safe for your property. We tend to use equipment that raises the temperature between 140 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This kills the bugs that are hiding in cracks and crevices found inside homes. They die almost immediately after exposure to this rate of heat!

Find out that bed bug heat treatment is more accurate than most other methods! We exterminate bed bugs by also eliminating their eggs. This reduces the possibility of bed bug re-infestation dramatically! We ensure they do not return simply by using eco-friendly products.


Can bed bugs survive heat treatment?

When bed bugs are exposed to temperatures of about 122 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, they die! They cannot develop an immunity to this level of heat.

The heat treatment that we do kills bed bugs right away! This process often takes only one hour to complete. Do not worry when you have a large infestation. We can do it in stages over a few days. Trust our knowledge on how to do bed bug extermination for your property using this method easily and effectively.  

Do bed bug heaters really work?

Yes. It is one of the best bed bug treatment methods for your property and belongs in any removal plan and strategy! Our team knows how to effectively do these heat treatments regularly. Get rid of bed bugs with this process now before they spread through your home or office building.

We have the license as bed bug exterminators to use only professional equipment designed to kill these bugs using high temperatures! The majority of homes can tolerate around 150 degrees Fahrenheit maximum.

We will advise you when it is time to leave after the first treatment phase has been completed successfully! So you no longer have to worry about being at risk during bed bug heat treatments.

How do you permanently get rid of bed bugs with heat?

Professional bed bug heat treatment is one of the most affordable bed bug control methods available on the market! It is also safe for your property, people, pets, and plants. We ensure all members of your home or office building remain at low risk. This is while we exterminate bed bugs quickly by applying this process to every nook and cranny inside your home!

Know more about bed bug heat treatment in the tri-state area now. That is before you call us to get rid of these bugs in New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut.

Is heat treatment 100% effective for bed bugs?

Yes. You can trust our bed bug heat treatment process to get rid of bed bugs for good! It will make sure they do not return by removing their eggs from your property. This process also eliminates bed bugs that are hiding in hard-to-reach areas or where you can find them often. These are inside your mattresses, box springs, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, couches, and so on.

Our bed bug heat treatment service is safe for people, pets, plants, and the environment. You have nothing to lose when you choose this method for indoor bed bug pest control today.

How much does a bed bug heat treatment cost?

Bed bug heat treatment costs vary based on the amount of rooms needed to be treated, severity of the infestation and more. Allow us to give you an exact price quote after we discuss or inspect your property. Get ready to have a bed bug control plan designed specifically for you. You can trust our bed bug extermination process for your home or business in the tri-state area.

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