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Are Bed Bugs Caused By Poor Hygiene or Sanitation?

There are several reasons bed bugs may appear in your area. But poor hygiene or sanitation is not one of them. Here is why: These bugs do not care about the cleanliness of the home they infest. They have been reported to live alongside cockroaches and rats. These rodents carry the plague, salmonella, and other sicknesses that would wipe you out when sharing their living space.

What bed bugs do like is warmth, especially during cold months of winter when staying warm can become difficult. They like hiding places where pets or humans will not squish them. Little crevices between bed frame legs and mattresses are perfect for them like blood!

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From

Bed bugs are spread around the world due to international travel. It can ride in your suitcase without you even knowing it. That is until you reach your bed and movement or body heat disturbs them. Another way these bugs enter your home is through clothing, grocery bags, furniture, and so on.

They may also stay in your house through an open window or door where a person has just come in from outside. He may carry bed bugs with them on their clothing. What bed bugs have recently been discovered to carry are allergies. Did you know that these bugs only feed once every five to ten days? That is why they are not a direct health risk. That is unless your body becomes extremely irritated from the bites, rashes, and hives.

It is important to stay informed with the latest bed bug news! You never know when they will take over!

A recent study found that these annoying insects like hiding out in all sorts of places! These are behind furniture or wall decorations such as pictures and posters. This is why it is so crucial for people who own homes with wood floors or other surfaces, not just beds to look closely at where their clutter falls. That is before settling down once again at night time.

What Attracts Bed Bugs

Here are several bed bug attractors:

Clutter! It is crucial to get rid of clutter to avoid bed bugs. This may include clothing, books on the floor, bed skirts hiding underneath an unmade bed, dressers that need cleaned out and sorted through, and so on.

Unlaundered bedding sets that have not been washed in over six months can harbor miscreant bed bugs waiting for their next meal to come along.

Shoes! Bed bugs love shoes just as much as leather furniture or sofas. They also like crevices in fabric. Check both shoes and couches when trying to spot these pests before they bite you.

Remember laundry! Make sure your bedding is clean and freshly laundered before bedtime. It is a great way to avoid bites! They cannot live very long without a food source. These bugs will starve to death when they do not find a meal within five days.

Are Bed Bugs Caused By Poor Sanitation?

Familiarize with two scenarios that can have poor sanitation. Do they attract bed bugs?

Cheap Hotels

In a cheap hotel, the bed where several people have been sleeping will tempt these bugs! This is because it is hard to clean those bed sheets and blankets properly. The bed frame itself may not have thorough cleaning as well. It is either due to time or money, which can account for these pests living there.

Remember about the bed bugs themselves. They may hide in the bed frame or even in a mattress. It is impossible to exterminate bed bugs from such a hotel. There are so many of them and countless places they can hide.

One option is to ask for clean bedding sets when you check in. Make sure to put them on yourself and launder them after your stay before heading home. The more time it takes for bed bugs to find their way onto the bed, the fewer bites you will get.

Poor Household

Another factor that can have bed bugs is a household with poor hygiene habits. This will include things such as not taking out the garbage every night, food laying out on the counters, and more.

Bed bugs love you! They feed off of your blood which gives nutrients and energy. That is why these bugs do not care about how clean or dirty their source of food is. They will still get their daily meal from it no matter what state it is in within limitations.

Do bed bugs care about where they find their next meal? It all depends on what you consider heaven. In any case, they have a keen sense of smell. Determine when their next meal will come from – a dirty or clean source. Whether it is from an unclean bed or not, the bed bug’s life cycle is still quite short due to its limited food source. Remember this when encountering them in your home.

Does Cleaning Prevent Bed Bug Infestation?

Below are three ways of cleaning that discourage bed bugs from infesting your home:

Washing Bed Linen

Never sleep with dirty or unwashed bedsheets in the past six months. Bed bugs find their way onto your bedding, bed linen, or even clothing. They will stay there until you wash them again.

Remember your bed skirt! These pests can hide under it when it is thick enough. Make sure to shake out the bed skirt for these bugs before crawling into bed at night time. These insects will emerge out of hiding and onto your bed when you least expect it! Warmth attracts them!

Shake out bedding in the morning time! These bed bugs are easy to spot when you wake up. They move slowly and prefer staying in dark areas where they hide or have unmade bedding.

Remember about cleaning your bed frame thoroughly! Bed bugs will live in crevices between metal joints, along mattress edges, and even cracks on wooden bed frames. The bottom line is to eliminate every possible nook and cranny when it comes to bed bugs. This way, these insects cannot make themselves at home anywhere around your bedroom!


A vacuum can become your bed bug’s worst nightmare! These insects get sucked up through the bed bug’s version of a ShamWow. All it has to do is get close enough for the bugs to get into the nozzle then suck themselves right up! This method takes out bugs hiding under bed skirts, along mattress seams, and in between wooden bed frames.

Shampooing carpets will make sure to clean all nooks and crannies where these bed bugs lay or hide. Remember about carpet edges which are highly likely to also house these bugs. The whole point of vacuuming is to ensure that you capture all of them hiding around your home without needlessly killing them.

Vacuums make for a great way to reduce the number of bed bugs in certain locations! Cleaners are not 100% effective but will help capture those annoying creatures. There are some key tips that you should follow when using your vacuum cleaner.

Do not cause any harm or spread infestation around with yourself. After all, it is easier than having an entomologist come by every few months.

Avoid Clutter

Clutter includes bedding, clothing, bed linen, or any fabric bed bugs can crawl onto. It also consists of all your personal belongings around your home. These items give bugs many areas to hide within easy reach of their next meal.

Having clutter is a serious bed bug trap! Ensure that you take out the trash every night, do not leave food on the counter for hours at a time, and more to keep them away from these places of infestation.

The presence of clutter in your house will provide bed bugs with easy access to you! They are more likely to climb into grocery bags left on the floor. This is compared to doorknobs or baseboards around your house.

Signs of Infestation

Do bed bugs affect your sense of well-being when you go to bed at night? See several symptoms from infestation when you do. These include itchy bites and resemble mosquito bites. You will continuously scratch them until they turn into rashes or worse, scars. These bugs can bite hard.

They have a knack for not showing themselves but do since bed bugs love warm places where they can hide easily in a dark area. These bloodsucking insects will often prefer areas closest to their food source – you! They will come out the moment they notice the heat coming from your body while sleeping.

How to Clean and Prevent Bed Bugs

Wash bedding in the hottest water possible when you notice bed bug infestation. Also, switch out bed linen every week or so when they are visibly dirty. This will go a long way to prevent these bugs from making their way into your bed.

What else can you do? Keeping bed bugs away requires more than just good hygiene practices. You need to change up your lifestyle habits to help with this problem.

Throwing away or giving places that could fill with bed bugs is the first thing that comes to mind! This is when talking about stopping these pests dead in their tracks. It is not always easy but it is effective.

Bed bugs can become difficult to diagnose because their bites do not always leave a mark. But you will know when there is an infestation once the few small ones start biting more than usual. They turn into large populations of itchy welts all over your body!

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