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Professional Bed Bug Removal

For over 23 years, Thermal Bed Bug Heat has been fighting these pests in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut! Over the years, we continue to help tri-state area residents get rid of these annoying insects. They are so bold to show up at your work or home!

We particularly specialize in helping you with infestations on an ongoing basis. It takes more than just trapping them before you can become safe again. But do not worry. Our team is capable enough to find out what type of bed bug control product will best suit your needs. That is regardless of the life stage the bug is in.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

You can tell when you have a bed bug infestation by looking for these signs:

Bites – Some people are more sensitive to bites than others. This is not always an indication that there is trouble. It just might come from your sensitivity level.

Bed bugs are very sneaky and unassuming when they feed. What creeps you out is that once this bug injects its saliva into your skin, it will numb the area around where it bites for several hours! That is unless another person catches them in action!

You might not feel anything right away. But a red bump on top of your skin will always appear. Their feeding time varies too much between sunlight restrictions during the summer months. You can get both types of attacks within 24 to 48+ hours. This depends on how exposed you live to infestation risks.

The most obvious sign that bed bugs are biting is the multiple puncture marks in a row. These bites often leave behind an area of three or four small red bumps about an inch apart. But not everyone reacts this way to their bite! Some people only notice swelling at first glance, while others report no symptoms whatsoever.

The reason why these pests can cause such varied reactions among individuals depends on your skin sensitivity.

How Frequent They Come Around

Bed bugs tend to come out during nighttime hours since they are nocturnal insects. The time comes when you notice them appearing with increasing frequency during the day. Take this as a sign for you to look into why they are coming around so often. You might want to bring in our service as soon as possible. That is before they start taking over your living space!

Red Marks

These red marks are where the bed bug latches on to your body. This is where they feed on your blood. You do not want these marks to stay with you for too long. It gets worse when you are allergic to its saliva. It causes an even more irritating rash or other types of infection.

Little Black Spots

This is the bed bug excrement. You can find this on your box spring, mattress, or other places where you sleep. Do not think that it is just dirt! Their color will darken with crushing. They have an odor to them as well. So do not ignore these signs.

Dead Bugs or Shells

You can also tell that you have an infestation when you find dead bugs or their shells. It is a clear indication that you need to take action soon! This is before they become too much for you to handle on your own.

Thermal Heat Treatment equipments

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

You cannot just get rid of the bed bugs when you feel like it. These things do not move fast to decide to leave! Think of them as an infestation that keeps coming back again and again. You need our professional help with this kind of problem.

There are options available when you hire our services to take care of your bed bug extermination needs. It focuses on heat treatment. This involves raising the temperature in your house extremely high so that the pests die off quickly!

It is an environmentally friendly and healthy way to get rid of these bugs without putting anyone or anything at risk. However, heat treatment is not suitable for all types of materials so you also have to look for other options.

Only a professional bed bug exterminator like us who uses heat treatment techniques can rid your enclosed areas of these pests! They have tiny and flat bodies that allow them to survive for one year without feeding on blood. This includes an exponential reproduction rate!

In addition, their superior senses mean pesticides are not effective against this hard-to-eliminate insect species. That is even when you can detect its presence through scent immediately! Expect this after application or during testing phases due solely because they go away so quickly!

Do not waste time with pesticides that do absolutely nothing to kill your bed bugs! The only way you will get rid of these pests for good, however, is by calling us. Our heating devices raise the temperature inside an infested area about 120 degrees Fahrenheit while they are present. This leaves no room left open for these bugs!

Why Bed Bugs Do Not Want to Leave

It takes more than just trapping the bed bugs before they can go away for good! You need the eggs that make them reproduce over and over again. They do not use nests since they go from one host to another without a second thought.

Their appearance does not make them seem alarming. But they can cause you some serious problems when left alone for too long! That is when the continuous reproduction cycle starts all over again.

What You Get from Our Heat Treatment

With the power of heat, you can kill bed bugs at all life stages! Kill eggs on furniture or hide in mattress seams for a spot that is hard to reach. This is without access to tools like blow-dryers and vacuums. These do not always get rid of them completely!

Their bodies are fat enough where they will return after treatment with pesticides or chemicals found within our household goods store inventory. These include vacuum bags along with other cleaning supplies meant only as preventive measures against infestations from these annoying creatures.

Bites leave victims feeling itchy. But do not worry! We provide you with safe and non-toxic heat treatments. No need to get concerned about harming your family members.

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